Attention All Rodeo Contestants

Humane Treatment of Animals

in an ongoing effort to maintain proper treatment of rodeo animals and livestock, the evanston rodeo series is strictly enforcing a humane animal treatment policy.  livestock both in and out of the rodeo arena will be subject to an ERS no tolerance policy that includes no amount of animal abuse or cruelty.  therefore, any designated rodeo judge, official or committee member is authorized to determine if any amount of animal abuse or cruelty occurs.  Any rodeo judge is authorized, at their discretion to disqualify any contestant or participant.  the ers will then assess a $100 fine for 1st time offenders.  the contestant will not be allowed to enter the ers until the fine is paid and an apology letter is submitted.  if the fine is not paid the contestant will forfeit all points and not be eligible for year-end prizes.  repeat offenders will not be allowed to participate in any future ers rodeos.